Printer People Infinity Home Terms and Conditions

  1. The subscription to Infinity is for a minimum of 12 month period from the date of the first direct debit.
  2. Subscriptions can only be paid monthly by direct debit.
  3. A subscription entitles subscribers to a maintained printer and two sets of renewable Printer People cartridges which can be exchanged when they are exhausted.
  4. A refundable deposit of £25 is required and is payable prior to the printer being delivered or collected.  The deposit is refunded to the subscriber when the printer is returned to the store, undamaged, and in full working order.  The decision of the Printer People store will be final. If the printer is returned in an unsatisfactory or non-working order, the £25 deposit will be retained.
  5. The Printer and associated Printer People cartridges will remain the property of The Printer People at all times.
  6. If a printer fails for any reason, the Printer People store should be notified as soon as possible.  The printer will then be required to be brought in to the store. The Printer People will then review the printer and fix the failure.  The the failure cannot be fixed then the printer will be replaced at no additional cost.
  7. Your subscription can only be used at The Printer People store you joined at or that has been allocated your subscription.
  8. Subscriptions and printers and the printer cartridges are only for Home use.
  9. Subscriptions are only for use by a single household.
  10. Subscriptions and the printers and the printer cartridges are not for use by organisations or businesses for commercial use.
  11. The printer and associated Printer People cartridges, including any prints made by them, are not for resale.
  12. Only Printer People cartridges can be used with Printer People Infinity Printers.
  13. Subscriptions will automatically continue after the initial 12 month period, at the same rate, unless notice to terminate is given in writing to the store where the subscription is held.
  14. Termination will only be accepted with the return of the Printer People Infinity printer and associated cartridges, unless otherwise agreed.
  15. The Printer People reserve the right to cancel a subscription at its sole discretion, or if it is deemed uneconomical for the Printer People to maintain.
  16. Under the data protection act 2003, The Printer People ensures members details will not be referred or sold to any third party organisations.  You may opt out of any Printer People related promotions or notices by clicking "unsubscribe"
  17. If a payment is missed the subscriber will be contacted and if payment is not made within 7 working days the agreement will be terminated.  The balance of the 12 month agreement will then become payable and the printer and associated cartridges will need to be returned to the store where the subscription is held.
  18. By Placing an order for a Printer People Infinity printer, you hereby confirm acceptance of these terms and conditions.